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  • Morning Edition (NPR) had

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    Morning Edition (NPR) had a piece (audio only) on the affirmative action/color blind admissions debate. This time, the school is a public high school (apparently a magnet school) in Fairfax Co, VA.

    An interesting story on

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    An interesting story on CNN.com today: Some colleges are offering American Sign Language (ASL) courses that satisfy foreign language graduation requirements.

    School fund sham? This

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    School fund sham? This charter school is being accused of intentionally mislabeling students as “special needs” in order to obtain additional funding. This may be a tip of the iceberg- type story as I have seen (somewhere on the web) schools accused of playing the same game with “at risk” labels. I’ll try to find more info.

    The Washington Post editorializes

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    The Washington Post editorializes in favor of the Bush plan to allow single-sex education.

    The National Review reports

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    The National Review reports that the Six Year Plan is becoming the norm on college campuses.

    Here’s a follow-up to

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    Here’s a follow-up to the story about the administrator who checked that her female students weren’t wearing thong panties prior to entering a school-sponsored dance.

    The San Antonio News

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    The San Antonio News has a light-hearted take on the recent U.S. History test results.

    This story is a

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    This story is a classic example of zero tolerance run amok. WARNING! Personal anecdote ahead When my eldest son was two, one of his favorite “games” was to bite one corner off a piece of toast and then yell “Put up your hands!” He could get expelled for that these days.

    Beacon Journal | 05/11/2002

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    Beacon Journal | 05/11/2002 | Online charter schools continue to generate controversy. This story indicates for-profit companies may be running 50% margins.

    Sample questions And in

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    Sample questions

    And in case you’re wondering what types of questions were asked, click here and then choose U. S. History in the “Quick Search” pull down menu.

    This story was reported

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    This story was reported on the national news last night. A couple of details that the “Executive Summary” omits is that over 50% of 12th graders achieved the lowest grade and that the average score for all 12th graders was in the “failing” category.

    The Nation’s Report Card: U.S. History 2001 (Executive Summary) Average U.S. history scores for fourth- and eighth-graders were higher in 2001 than in 1994, while the performance of twelfth-graders remained relatively stable.

    Score increases were evident among the lower-performing students at grade 4 (at the 10th and 25th percentiles) and for both lower- and higher-performing students at grade 8 (25th, 75th, and 90th percentiles).

    Results of the 2001 U.S. history assessment show 18 percent of fourth-graders, 17 percent of eighth-graders, and 11 percent of twelfth-graders performing at or above the Proficient level — identified by NAGB as the level at which all students should perform.

    At grade 4, the percentage of students performing at or above Basic in 2001 was higher than in 1994. At grade 8, the percentages of students performing at or above Basic, at or above Proficient, and at Advanced increased between 1994 and 2001. At grade 12, however, the percentages performing at or above each level remained the same as in 1994.

    If anyone ever asks

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    If anyone ever asks me the “college” question again, I’m going to steer them here.

    This is one of

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    This is one of those stories that just makes you want to smile.

    CNN reports on a

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    CNN reports on a story out of CA where “[m]ore than 3,700 seniors at eight San Fernando Valley high schools cannot take part in graduation ceremonies unless their future plans include college, military service or trade school.” The PS wanted to encourage the students to apply to college. The students don’t have to enroll- just be accepted. What about kids who have accepted a job offer? Or who are going into the family business? Or whatever?! What arrogance!

    Everyone reports today that

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    Everyone reports today that the Bush administration reversed 30 years of federal policy by promoting single sex education. Two of the better reports are found at the Christian Science Monitor and the NYT (free registration required)

    Welcome to my blog.

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    Welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to homeschooling and other education articles that I find interesting. It may also include some Delaware-specific “edustuff”. Forewarned and all that.

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