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    Legacy of Muslims hard to overcome

    Sweeping the Central Asia dust from three presidencies (at least), we find Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the warlord/sheiks of Kashmir, warlords of Pashtun tribes, of Tajik persuasion, Urds, Persian, Turkic, and most of all, the Koranic persuasion.

    Our CIA has gamely tried to play. The truest gamers, though, are the Arabic. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” turns suspect, as the Arabic ethos often mimics “Desperate Housewives” in its recreational musical bedroom play. Charles Krauthammer’s July 21 column, “A 20 percent solution,” mentions the amputations, barbarously done; decapitations for pleasure. I opine, having discerned other Arabic fetishes, which would be what I wrote of above, musical bedroom play.

    American neoconservatives are only getting their medicine (are you one?), as they with deluded ethos show their hegemonistic unAmericanism.

    The ideology that few opine on becomes a sad opus in naivete; too many of our kids, laboring in what is the neocons’ mercantile military forces, die. The obligatory letter to the family sums up what is from a deluded ideology. The megabillions are all that count ideologically and already in world history this has also been played out by occupiers Russia, Great Britain, France, USA.

    That “heavenly date with 72 virgins” plays to empty seats. We, the jury, demand credibility in peacemaking.

    Muslimhood for thousands of years? Megadollars can’t adjudicate, let alone seed peace. The neocons stay precipitously close to over their heads.

    I vote Independent. U.S. Navy vet, World War II.

    Joe Moriarty

    At least we know Joe owns a thesaurus.


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    Pound sand. Again.

    It amazes me how misleading and how wrong DNPE can be on one little postcard. I think the only sentence that may be completely accurate is the first one. Yes, it’s completely voluntary. No, they almost certainly won’t visit you if you don’t “volunteer.” No, there is no September 30th deadline for anything. No, there is no June 30th deadline for testing. And, no, you do not have to respond with “Wish to meet.” In fact, you do not have to respond to this card at all.

    Under the law, we are required to notify DNPE when we begin home educating. And never again after that. (NC General Statutes § 115C?560)

    And, unless Rod Helder ego googles and happens to find this post, that’s exactly what I intend to do.

    UPDATE: Strictly speaking, we are supposed to contact DNPE one other time– when we “close” our homeschool.


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    Skip Oliva pointed out this ringing endorsement from HSLDA. Damn! He got the kiss of death from both Mikes.

    One good thing should come out of this– HSLDA’s rep in GOP circles will be drastically reduced when Huckabee drops out on Feb. 6th (assuming he makes it that long).

    UPDATE: The original blog appears to have been deleted. Here’s another one that has the full press release.


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    You can set up gmail to pull in your regular POP email. Thunderbird can then auto-configure a new account to pull in the mail from gmail inbox. The advantage is that it’s often a whole lot easier to access gmail when traveling. Gmail also does a really good job with spam filtering, so those messages are never even downloaded to your computer.

    One hint– when setting up rules for spam filtering, it is very important that if you C&P a URL for a spam porn site into a rule that you then subsequently don’t inadvertently post that link on your blog.

    Not that anyone would be stupid enough to really do that.


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    Farris is at it again, banging the drum over the German homeschoolers.

    The issue of German parents and their decision-making authority for their children’s education was covered in this once-enforced statement: “And this [government] will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

    Adolf Hitler issue [sic] the dictate when his government, in one of its first actions when he came to power, took control of all educational institutions and issues.

    It’s a frigging different culture with different problems. But Farris knows best.


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    in NC.

    N.C. Reports Record Number of Home Schools

    More students are opting to attend home schools, according to a state report released Wednesday.

    Statewide, a total of 36,068 home schools operated in 2006-07 – an increase of about 7.1 percent over the previous year and the highest number on record – according to the N.C. Division of Non-Public Education.

    7.1 percent is an impressive growth rate but it’s tempered by the fact that NC doesn’t have any cyber schools.


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    Sorry– I was cleaning up email spam.

    Here’s the correct link.


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    More Fayetteville. I really can’t add anything to this one:

    God frowns on Potter’s witchcraft

    The other day on TV, I saw people waiting in long lines for the arrival of the new Harry Potter book. I saw grownups and children alike dressed up like witches, and I even saw a news clip touting presidential candidate Barack Obama as the “Harry Potter” dad. In the Bible, God says that we should not engage in any form of witchcraft. In Deuteronomy 18:10-12, He tells us that “Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord.” (NLT).

    Our nation seemingly is threatened from all sides, and we receive weekly if not daily new warnings of danger. Shouldn’t we now more than ever be turning to God, and turning away from the evil things that He is against?

    How can we continue to say “God bless America” when we as a nation are willingly participating in behavior that God has forbidden?

    Terrorism seems to be a part of today’s world, and it probably will impact most of our lives sooner or later. When that day comes we need to remember that the Bible says in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” (NLT) It just seems logical that as a nation we should be aligning our thoughts and actions with what is pleasing and righteous in God’s eyes. After all, if God is our defender, who can defeat us?

    Jimmy Raynor

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