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    So says the Lt. Gov. of SC. No Darwin fish or FSM plates allowed, apparently.


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    Apparently Thomas Walker didn’t get he “talking points memo” that this video has rendered the “appeaser” tag no long operative.

    Columnist doesn’t blindly approve of Obama

    Steve Kamradt’s criticism of columnist Thomas Sowell (“Columnist endlessly bashes Obama,” June 22) reveals that liberal bent on appeasing our mortal enemies, e.g., Iran, among others. Sure, Obama merely wants “a dialogue with Iran and other enemies,” and if that wasn’t enough he asserts that “talking with our enemies is not such a bad idea.” Has he ever heard of the Nazis? Communists? How about World War II? Hitler? Stalin?

    If Iran isn’t stopped from creating nuclear weapons, the free world will be at peril from a people who hate us, and will happily die to kill us; not just Iranians, but other extremists who have already demonstrated just how much they want us dead and what they are willing to pay and sacrifice to achieve their deadly goals. If he thinks we have problems now with the gas prices, the mortgage debacle, etc., just wait until a “dirty” nuclear bomb goes off in New York, Chicago, or another U.S. city.

    Sowell, thankfully, is one of the few members of the liberal press who isn’t in love with Obama, and questions this unknown man’s ability to face issues that liberal appeasers just don’t, or won’t, recognize.

    About history, David McCullough said it best in the June 22 issue of Parade magazine with a quote by Daniel Boorstin: “Trying to plan for the future without a sense of the past is like trying to plant cut flowers.” We had best remember this free world’s history with its past enemies including appeasement failures, or suffer the consequences.

    Thomas Walker
    Southern Pines

    I love can’t stand wingnuts.


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    This one is growing wild in my backyard. It looks like an example of Kwanzo.


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    I never had the misfortune to be represented in the Senate by the execrable Helms. I only had to suffer with the slightly less bad Strom Thurmond. By the time I was politically aware, though, good ol’ boy Sperm was already a joke, as evidenced by the nickname.

    Today’s Fayetteville Observer is full of “balanced” coverage (Bullshit!) of the racist, homophobic Helms. I guess they don’t want to speak ill of the dead. I couldn’t care less about decorum.

    He was evil and awful and his death is no loss to anyone but his closest family and friends. It’s really too bad that Hell doesn’t exist.


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    Here’s a new Declaration of Independence.


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    Raquel would’ve helped.


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    Unlike David Pogue, I’m not particularly excited about the prospect of smart cards. They sound, to me, just like one more way for the government and/or retailers (same diff) to track your every move.

    If offered one, I will not accept. If sent one, I will nuke it in the microwave.


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    NC’s version of a voucher program is not going to pass this year:

    The state House and Senate bills, which have support from Democrats and Republicans, would allow parents to claim a tax credit of as much as $6,000 a year for each special-needs child. They could use it to pay tuition at private schools. Parents of home-schooled children could use it also to pay for services.

    To be initially eligible, the child would have to have been in a public school the year before, would have to be formally designated as being a special-needs student and would have to have received daily special services outside the regular classroom.

    Education officials estimate that about 58,000 of the state’s 194,182 special-needs students would be eligible to leave the public schools and get this tax credit.

    I haven’t written about this one before because I’ve really been of two minds. I’m reflexively against tax credits/deductions for homeschooling in which the government gets to decide what is a legitimate expense. OTOH, folks with special needs kids sometimes spend tons of money seeking out the best education for their kids, and NC doesn’t do a particularly good job helping. But with the full array of the education establishment aligned against it, the proposal was doomed from the start.


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    Elitist back-and-forth

    Memo to Edward Oden (“UT student avoids englightenment,” The Firing Line, July 2):

    “Ivy League elitist”? Hmm. Let’s see. Sen. Barack Obama comes from a mixed-race family led by a single mother. After law school, instead of taking more financially lucrative employment offers, he decided to help working people in Chicago. Yes, the epitome of an elitist.

    George W. Bush attended Yale as an undergrad. Let me point out here that Yale is considered an “Ivy League” school. Young George didn’t have the grades to get into Yale since he spent most of his youth drinking and partying, but that was no problem, since his dad went there and his family is both rich and powerful. Bush also attended Harvard Business School, also an Ivy League school, although even with this education, the man has never headed a successful company in his life and everything he’s touched has failed. Maybe it’s because Bush never had to suffer the consequences of failure since his family and their cronies have always been there to bail him out with a new job. Definitely a man of the people.

    I know your letter was mainly intended as humorous posturing, so I hope you’ll take my letter in the same spirit. Though your lamentable ignorance and self-serving hypocrisy seem normal to you, since you were probably homeschooled by watching Rush Limbaugh and reading pseudo-historical revisionist texts about America’s Christian heritage authored by local fraud David Barton, many of us out here in the heartland worry that America’s conservative movement is self-immolating due to the unchecked stupidity and deluded arrogance of its leaders and spokespeople.

    Jon Pearson
    UT alum

    Apropos of nothing, this is the 2nd time in 12 hours I’ve run across David Barton’s name. I don’t think I’d ever heard of him before yesterday (and I do try to keep up with what the wackos are doing).


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    Online University Reviews doesn’t like the (mostly) useless US News & World Report college rankings.

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