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    This one is horrific. Here’s the gist:

    1. Middle school girl gets raped at school by classmate and tells administrators.
    2. Administrators accuse her of lying and force her to apologize to the boy.
    3. Girl is expelled for the rest of the school year.
    4. The next year the boy rapes her again.
    5. Boy is arrested and pleads guilty.
    6. Girl is suspended from school for having a bad attitude and for “public displays of affection.”
    7. Girl sues school district.

    With a little luck…

    8. Principal is fired. Superintendent is fired. Girl gets a couple million tax dollars to pay for counseling for the rest of her life.


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    If the more you crave popularity the more you use Facebook, what does that say about us Luddites who’ve deleted our accounts?

    A recent study published in the journal “Social Psychological and Personality Science” found that adults have almost as much need for being popular on Facebook as teenagers do. And people who crave acceptance are more likely to share personal updates and post birthday greetings on friends’ walls, said Emily Christofides, lead author of the study.


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    The Obama Admin has just gutted that miserable law.

    Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has announced that he will unilaterally override the centerpiece requirement of the No Child Left Behind school accountability law, that 100 percent of students be proficient in math and reading by 2014.

    The law was destined to have every school in the country labeled as “failing” in just 3 years.

    No more.