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I’m helping raise money during Movember. It’s for a good cause. If you’re feeling flush, here’s the link.

BTW, I’ll try to post pics of my lame attempt at growing a ‘stache.


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ONN is getting desperate. Check out one of their latest:

Is it a sin to vote for Obama and the Democrats?

The author seems to believe the answer to that question is a “no brainer.” My take is that it’s the author who is in a permanent vegetative state.

He even violated Godwin’s Law!

I imagine these Democrat apologists writing similar essays in the 1930s of how the Nazi Party was doing great things for infrastructure and social welfare programs in Germany. “Never mind that killing of the Jews thing,” they would essentially argue. That’s the underlying current of the Christian Democrat defense — “never mind the killing of the unborn beings made in God’s image thing.” That’s not to say that Democrats are Nazis, of course.

But, of course.


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I shave with a 60-year-old razor using a brush and mug to lather up. I wear a 40-year-old old style wind up Timex (21 jewels!). And I write with fountain pens exclusively. So, here’s your chance to be a bit of a throwback, too. November 2nd is Fountain Pen Day. If you’ve never used a fountain pen, now’s the time to try. And if you have just gotten away using from the best writing implements of all time… For shame!

These disposable Pilot pens have a good rep. If you order in the next 24 hours, they should be there in time for FPD.

If you don’t want to go the online route, inexpensive fountain pens are also usually available at the larger office supply stores.

50 – 46 = 0?

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CNN is apparently a devotee of New Math. Check out the latest hed:

CNN Poll: Obama 50%-Romney 46% in Ohio

One would think that Obama was ahead. Not so, according to the chyron. It’s a tie. Yes, because the difference is within the margin of error, CNN thinks the candidates are tied. What idiocy! There is just as much chance that they’re tied as there is that Obama is up by 12%.


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Yesterday was the 1st day of early voting here in WV. Of course, I did my duty and voted for President Obama.