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  • ExxonMobil still living in the 19th century

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    ExxonMobil shareholders, at the request of the Board of Directors, rejected a proposal to add sexual orientation to the categories of folks it’s against policy to discriminate against. The company claimed that their policy already covers LGBT folks. Here’s the policy, downloaded from their website a few minutes ago. You decide if they’re being completely honest:

    It is the policy of Exxon Mobil Corporation to provide equal employment opportunity in conformance with all applicable laws and regulations to individuals who are qualified to perform job requirements regardless of their race, color, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age, genetic information, physical or mental disability, veteran or other legally protected status. The Corporation administers its personnel policies, programs, and practices in a nondiscriminatory manner in all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruitment, hiring, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, wage and salary administration, and selection for training.

    As I read it, it’s okay to discriminate against gays and lesbians if they happen to live in a state in which LGBT is not a “legally protected status.”

    There are only two companies on my personal boycott list: BP (for the Gulf disaster) and Lowes (for their craveness in the face of right-wing demagoguery). ExxonMobil has now made it three.


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    I haven’t used anything from OpenU but I like the concept. I’m not sure I get their business model.

    It might be worth a look for upper level high school age HEKs.

    LinkedIn Folly

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    Is this a Nigeria scam for chem geeks?

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    I responded that I’d be happy to develop a process for cleaning anti-freeze out of bank notes, but that I’d need a few “samples” for the method development.


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    If this movie doesn’t get your geek factor excited, well, you must be reading the wrong website:



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    The whiners at the FRC have made CNN’s Belief Blog. They’re claiming that Christians (their flavor of Christianity, anyway) are becoming a hated minority.

    I hope they’re right.

    Edit: It has come to my attention that some folks are misreading this post as a condemnation of all of Christendom. It always helps to click the links and read the articles. But for those not so inclined, the post (and the linked article) is about the Family Research Council. They have been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Any group earning that title deserves to be a hated minority.