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    Here are all my options for stock mutual funds with reasonable fees (defined as < 0.51% per year): Capture

    Woohoo! Three funds! Nirvana!!!


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    Man! Why did I never think of this? What a great fundraising idea!

    Last week, two Vancouver, Wash. third graders said they wet their pants after their teacher would not let them use the bathroom. The students, both girls, said the reason for the denial was that they hadn’t accumulated enough pretend classroom money to pay for privilege…

    The pretend money is designed to teach students about the value of money. Students earn the fictional funds by doing their homework, for example, or by being nice to others. They can spend it to buy pizza or pointless crap like a squirt gun. Students say they must also use the fake cash to pay for bathroom breaks.

    The unidentified teacher exacts a seemingly high imaginary price for toilet time: $50.

    Of course, I’d have charged my kids real money. Let’s see: $50 x 4 kids x 5 flushes/day = $365,000/yr. I could have retired years ago.


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    In a relatively insane town:

    PARKERSBURG – The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority’s Easy Rider bus levy, which will provide funding for fiscal 2016 and 2017, was approved by a large margin in Tuesday’s primary election, according to the unofficial tally from the Wood County Clerk.

    Parkersburg citizens voted 2,323 for and 679 against renewing the Easy Rider levy. This was an approval of 77.38 percent of the vote.

    Yes, we voted against a tax cut in order to fund public transit. What would the tea partiers think?

    We have a surprisingly good bus system here in tiny Parkersburg. It runs only between here and the next town over (Vienna, WV), but the routes go through all of the major shopping and professional centers. You could pretty much get anywhere you need to for 50¢ (25¢ for students).


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    I hope someone sees this who can help. Chelsea will be going away to school in Huntington, WV in August. We need to find a cell service provider who has decent coverage in I-77 between Charleston and the Ohio River. And also in Huntington, of course. This is for safety when she’s driving back to Parkersburg.

    Does anyone know who has the best cell phone coverage along I-77 in WV (north of Charleston)?