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    Snark or lunacy? You make the call:

    Big Green Machine can handle Iran

    I watched the United Nations General Assembly because I am still trying to wrap my brain around the purpose of the U.N.

    I did not learn anything new about the U.N. They are still a bunch of international politicians, most of whom are jealous of the United States.

    I did learn that there is a country called Iran with a leader named Ahmadinejad who sees the U.S. with disdain and he wants to wipe Israel off of the map. He denies the Holocaust and is aggressively pursuing nukes.

    Apparently, Iran’s neighbors share a similar ideology.

    If I were the leader of this country and to keep this sociopath in check, I would park the U.S. military, a.k.a.. the Big Green Machine, on both sides of this rogue nation and draw fire.

    I am not sure what countries flank Iran and I may be wrong about this shared ideology. As an American, I should probably look at a map and read a history book.

    Patrick McNamara

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