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    Is this a Nigeria scam for chem geeks?

    Why Why Why …there are so many professors ,experts ,Dr, and chemical engineers registered in this website No honest one can clean Anti-freeze Bill s/notes?
    Anyone who has the knowledge and skills to clean Anti-freeze banknotes please contact with me : Qingzhuwu@hotmail.com
    Reward is $100,000.00USD after cleaning in Beijing China. Good Luck!
    It not only sounds a good job in fact it is a Golden chance to get a big money by one’s knowledge and Skills and nothing to do with money laundering at all but also if you missed this chance to get a big money it never come again to you.
    Don’t Miss this chance which will not come again. If you have the ability to clean Anti-freeze banknotes Contact : Qingzhuwu@hotmail.com You will not be disappointed !!!

    I responded that I’d be happy to develop a process for cleaning anti-freeze out of bank notes, but that I’d need a few “samples” for the method development.

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    May 10th, 2013
    at 9:28 pm

    Dear Sir,Thanks for your mail.
    Please send me your account No.with DHL ,or other delivery companyfor me to send a sample to you ok?
    Best regards,

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