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    TIMED TESTS This Op/Ed explains why untimed tests are a bad idea:

    A Texas teacher might direct her students to read, highlight, check the questions, and then reread again. Next, look for key words in the passage that match words in the questions. Then look for words in the answer choices that match words in the text. Don’t worry about time. On test day, they will have seven hours to read eight pages of text and answer 40 questions. Oh, and they can forget about reading Charlotte’s Web. That would take all year.

    But, sometimes going back and checking your answers is a good idea.

    Elementary math teaching gets even more bizarre. Since students have all day to answer 40 questions or so, they have time to count everything out on their fingers or with pictures. Students may think that they know that seven times eight equals forty-two. [emphasis added]

    Douglas Adams would have appreciated that.

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