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    INSIDE BLOG-BALL The Happy Homeschooler found a really awful anti-homeschooling column written by a former government-school teacher. HH gave as good as we got, but I’d like to put my two cents in, too.

    The educational choice that confounds me, though, is home schooling. Why would parents choose to isolate their children from a rich and varied learning environment?

    We don’t. That’s why we homeschool. Homeschoolers have access to the whole world, populated by people of all ages, races, and national origins. Government-school students are stuck in (often racially segregated) classes with their age-mates. Who’s more isolated?

    The social setting in a school is ripe with learning experiences.

    Like this one? Or perhaps this? Or maybe she means this kind of social setting.

    The teaching staff in a public school can be colorful, too.

    Yes, this fellow is certainly colorful. And these teachers, too.

    Parents who home-school their children have their reasons, of course. But the effects of what these students are missing remain to be seen.

    Yes. Homeschoolers are missing out on all those drugs, gangs, shootings, rapes, etc. I hope the effects on those government-school students are small.

    It’s a great training ground for the real world and, even better, it’s free.

    Maybe she should sit in with some homeschoolers when they study economics. She might learn something. (via Isabel Lyman)

    UPDATE: Chris O’Donnell fisked the heck out of the same column.

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