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    GAG! One more reason to bash the teacher’s unions:

    At PS 182/Bilingual School in East Harlem, teachers averaged 18 days of absences last year. Given that the school year is only 183 days long, the total number of no-shows translated into a 10 percent absentee rate.

    …The teachers union insisted that educators don’t abuse sick-day privileges.

    “The absentee rate in city schools is virtually identical to our kind of work force in the rest of the country,” said United Federation of Teachers spokesman Dick Riley.

    Teachers are entitled to a total of 10 sick/personal days a year.

    But sources said teachers close to retirement – who have unused sick days in reserve – have an incentive to skip even more days in their final years to use the time up.

    Sick days are for when you are sick. How can you possibly “save up” sick days? Of course, it’s not the teachers’ fault.

    Some teachers said the stress of the job is making them sick.

    Martin Luther King Jr. HS teacher Fern Lowenfeld said turmoil at the school over the past few years contributed to 13 absences per teacher.

    “A poor atmosphere in a school can make people ill. The last principal made it very hard for us,” said Lowenfeld, also a union rep.

    Right. Note to teachers: If you want to be treated as professionals, start acting like professionals. First!

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