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    DEAR CLUELESS, Please don’t homeschool your kids; you don’t care enough about them:

    I feel there could be more security at the schools and on the buses. My 9-year-old daughter was a witness to the incident two years ago at North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School [a machete attack in a kindergarten class] and now is back at Edgar Moore Elementary. When the news came on the TV (Thursday) about the shooting, she began asking us questions. She did not want to return to school two years ago and I’m hoping that she does not feel that way again. She remembers almost every detail that happened then and wonders why it’s always in or near her school.
    We are very concerned about the school district and security being that this is the second time this has hit very close to home. My husband and I are discussing the possibility of taking our children out of the district and home schooling both of them.

    This kid rode a bus with three guns in his backpack and could have shot someone on the bus. Then what? There should also be some way to protect kids on the bus as well besides just at the school. They should not allow any type of backpack for school.

    No backpacks. Yeah, that’ll fix the problem.

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    September 27th, 2004
    at 5:51 pm

    I was there the day of the attack…Iwas in third grade…We had to go into Code Red Lock Down Drill for about 2 hrs. It was very scary and I don’t want it to ever happen again.North Hopewell Winterstown is a great school but i would never want to experience something like that if I was only in kindergarden….The guy was crazy!!!!!