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  • WARNING: TN Tennessee’s lottery

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    WARNING: TN Tennessee’s lottery proceeds are going to be used for college scholarships. Homeschoolers are eligible but the rules are still being worked out. Some legislators apparently see these scholarships as a way to drag homeschoolers into the accountability/testing morass.

    [Rep. Ulysses] Jones also raised questions about testing of students who are home schooled.

    Bruce Opie, legislative liaison for the state Department of Education, said if home-school parents work through their local school district, there is an assessment process, but there is no such process if the parent works independently.

    Jones asked who gives a home-schooled child a grade; the parent, Opie replied.

    ”If I am a parent and have a home school, do you think I am going to give my child a D?” Jones asked. He said testing procedures should be the same for public, private and home schools.

    TN homeschooling parents should keep an eye on this guy.

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