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    EXAM SCAM Wrightslaw.com is urging parents whose kids fail the state exit exam to beat the system by essentially “enrolling” the kids in a diploma mill.

    Private school students do not have to pass state exit exams. Home schooled students do not have to pass state exit exams.

    The easiest way to eliminate the exit exam obstacle is to apply your child’s high school credits to a private school diploma.

    They recommend the North Atlantic Regional Schools (NARS) in Maine.

    The child registers at the school. NARS requests the child’s records from the public school. The public school sends the records to NARS. If the child’s transcript shows the child has earned the required credits, NARS awards a high school diploma. If the transcript does not show the required credits, NARS can tell you how to obtain the missing credits.

    So, it’s not quite as bad as the spam-diplomas. Still, NARS caters to homeschoolers, and this scam would tend to devalue any diploma that NARS awards.

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    November 24th, 2004
    at 1:02 pm

    Do you really believe that because a private school works with homeschoolers that it will “devalue” the diplomas they grant? That doesn’t make any sense. Besides their website talks about provides an extensive list of colleges that accept students with diplomas from them.