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    Here’s an aggravating article about hearings into PA’s proposed HS law. Their current law is the worst in the country.

    Currently, parents must notify their local district superintendent each year that they intend to conduct a homeschooling program. Parents must also provide a plan for the year and produce certain legal and health documents.

    During the year, the family maintains a portfolio of their child’s work which is reviewed at the end of the year by an educational evaluator hired by the family. The evaluator writes a report which is then sent to the district superintendent with the portfolio. Homeschooled children must also take standardized tests in grades 3, 5 and 8.

    Predictably, the PS edu-crats are opposed to removing any of these onerous requirements:

    Increasing the distance between homeschooling families and their districts is not a good idea, according to Dr. Carol Saylor, superintendent of Manheim Central School District, who testified against HB 2560 on behalf of the state association of school superintendents.

    She admitted that the majority of homeschooling families are conscientious and committed people, but that does not relieve the district of its responsibility to know what all children in the district are doing educationally.

    “This bill eliminates the documentation necessary to keep track of all our children [emphasis added],” she said.

    < rant >Just who the hell do these people think they are??? These children are NOT yours; they are OURS! You PS people have NO right to supervise them unless we voluntarily (and temporarily) place them in you care. As we HSers have decided NOT to do that, keep your noses out of our business! < /rant > I live a stone’s throw away from PA; you could not pay me enough money to move there. (Hear that, PA legislators? My wife (M.S., Psychology) and I (Ph.D., Chemistry) will not consider moving to your state because of your lousy HS laws. Just think about all those potential income tax dollars down the drain!)

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