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    The Massachusetts Family Institute is riled about the treatment that the Bryants and other MA homeschoolers face at the hands of the edu-crats.

    Evelyn Reilly, director of public policy at the Massachusetts Family Institute, says the Bryants represent a growing number of families who are part of what is called the “Leave Us Alone Coalition.”

    “They just want to be able to be left alone to raise their children according to their own likes [and] not have the government trampling on their constitutional rights,” Reilly says…

    “These families are being victimized by an overgrown welfare system [and] overgrown bureaucracy, and by some people that like the thrill of wielding power over other people’s lives,” she says.

    Too true. I’m a charter member of that coalition. They need a better name, though, than “Leave Us Alone Coalition.” Something a little catchier. And, it ought to form a cool acronym. Suggestions?

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    June 21st, 2003
    at 7:30 pm

    Well, finally. Several times I have tried to interest the Mass Family Institute in the issue of homeschooling without any success. Odd given their name. Their focus has always been the public schools, as in “let’s get abstinence ed in there.” That sort of thing.