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    Bullying at g-schools– another good reason to homeschool.

    “I’ve been stabbed in the back with a pencil, kicked in my leg all the way up to my knee, they’ve called me names and tripped me,” said Tiffany, 11, who attends Adamsville Elementary…

    The last straw for Derenberger came on May 23 when Tiffany came home to tell him she had been hit in the face with a basketball by a boy at school. He called the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office to file a report.

    Tiffany reported to the officer that she knew the act was intentional because the boy held the ball in both hands and threw it directly at her. She also told the officer she had been having problems with that boy and several other students calling her a “disease.”

    A fellow student backed Tiffany’s claim in the report.

    However, two teachers on recess duty said they didn’t witness the incident, although one stated Tiffany had reported it. Both teachers said they didn’t think Tiffany was being picked on at school.

    The child accused of hitting her also denied the allegation.

    The reporting officer, Deputy Phil Snider, determined there was no reason to follow up on the case.

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