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    No, not really. A homeschooling parent was quoted in support of the Supreme Court’s decision that Congress can “blackmail” libraries to install internet filters on their computers.

    A mother of three children ages 11, 9 and 1, Costantino was first exposed to the issue at the Stanwood Library.

    “We were just checking out books, and at the computer opposite the checkout stand, my kids saw what was on the screen, and they whispered to me, ‘That guy’s looking at really bad stuff,’ ” Costantino said.

    She got mad that taxpayer money was supporting such activity. At one point, she even picketed against one of the library’s levy measures.

    If the new ruling means things will change locally, the home-schooling mother said she might consider renewing her library card.

    “I’d love to be able to use the library again,” Costantino said.

    As I understand it, the Supremes seem to have done a pretty good job on this one. Libraries have the option of giving up the federal money and providing unfiltered access. They will also have to allow an adult to turn off the filter, if requested. The latter might be tricky. It seems to preclude server-side solutions. So, any computer could be made unfiltered by turning off the local filtering software. Ms. Constantino may find herself sans library card once again.

    UPDATE: Instapundit has a good take on this

    [T]he real lesson is that librarians who don’t like being bossed around by the feds should think twice about accepting federal money, which always comes with strings.

    To quote Glenn, “Indeed.” Something to keep in mind the next time homeschoolers are tempted to lobby for some “benefit” from the government.

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