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    Dean Esmay has a very interesting post on blogrolls, gift-giving, and why we blog. Here’s a part of his theory:

    So why do it? I suggest it will always be one of the following:

    1) They enjoy the recognition they receive, in the same way that actors, comedians, and other entertainers do.

    2) They want to change something about themselves or the world around them.

    3) They hope that it may lead to paying jobs as writers, or at least help them build marketable skills in that area.

    I guess I fall into the first category, although the blog didn’t start out that way. It really was just a glorified distribution list. I was sending out emails to a group of homeschoolers in DE. The messages were very similar to what I still post here: links to online articles with a short (sometimes snarky) comment. The problem was different email systems made formatting impossible. When I discovered blogspot, I was in heaven. All I had to do was send out an email with a link to the post. I really didn’t care about hits or popularity or anything else. I was just happy I didn’t have to play the email games anymore.

    It was only months later that I became addicted to this hobby and started paying attention to traffic. Now, I’m hooked. It’s fun seeing who linked to H&OES and checking the referrer logs. I guess there are worse things.

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    Comment by
    Traci E.
    June 29th, 2003
    at 12:53 pm


    I see you feel you that you fit into box one but, since I’m one of the original distribution list members I think you need to check box 2 as well (change the world).

    I think you’d really like to wake up a bunch of people that just don’t seem to get the fact that there are responsible parents out here that feel that their children belong to them not the “State”.

    You testify that those unbrainwashed parents who by their very nature instinctively know that to do no less than protect & provide the freedom for their children to grow up to be their true selves instead of programmed personalities that are dependant on others for their very thoughts & feelings are fighting an uphill battle everyday.

    And to paraphase Margaret Mead(who was herself homeschooled) “A few concerned individuals can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

    Thanks so much for all you’ve done(online & in person) to protect homeschool freedom and for being ever watchful for any encroachment to that cause.