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    From the York Daily Record:

    Let ’em play: In a lot of Pennsylvania school districts, homeschooled students aren’t permitted to participate in extracurricular activities offered by their local school.
    But in other districts, they are.

    It’s inconsistent and policies vary from district to district. It would be much fairer for every school district to have the same policy.

    The state is trying to remedy that. The state House last week passed a bill that would require school districts to offer extracurricular activities to homeschooled students.

    It makes sense.

    Part of a well-rounded education includes the lessons learned by participating in events with others, whether it’s as a member of the football team or the chess club. Those opportunities should be available to all students, whether they do their book learning at home or in the schoolhouse.

    And those opportunities can lead to something bigger. One of Penn State football’s prize recruits this year is John Shaw of Spring Grove. John was homeschooled, and now he’s getting a full scholarship to a major university.

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