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    Don’t Just Say No The NYT editorializes today on sex-ed classes. The premise is that these classes should not teach abstinence exclusively but also provide information on contraception.

    For the last five years, the federal program has provided $50 million a year in matching funds to states to promote abstinence from sex outside of marriage. The catch is that states accepting the money may not “endorse or promote” contraceptives, but may only talk about their drawbacks.

    This is a recipe for disaster in a nation that has the highest teenage pregnancy rate of any developed country. It is fine to urge teenagers to “just say no” to sex before marriage, but surely it makes sense to provide them as well with information that could avert pregnancies or protect them from a fatal AIDS infection should they become sexually active.

    I personally don’t have a problem with this position as long as the parents are notified before the fact and have the opportunity to opt-out their kids.

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