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    Evidently not the News-Journal. Thursday’s editorial lamented the fact that DE’s lone mail-processing facility (located next door to the Amazon.com warehouse) may be on the chopping block. Yes, 400 people (including my neighbor) are employed there. And the Amazon connection (which the editorial ignored) might be something to consider. But the N-J spends 2/3 of the space on this:

    The prospect of Delaware losing its own postmark is troubling. About 30 years ago the old U.S. Post Office began phasing out the postmarks at individual towns and shifted all the state’s mail processing to the huge new Hare’s Corner facility. Even today, a letter mailed across town in say, Georgetown, must first come to Hare’s Corner for a postmark before the neighbor receives it.

    But at least the state’s primary banking and chemical industries have retained their Wilmington and Delaware postmarks. We know people who still check postmarks when there is no return address on the envelope…

    Wouldn’t it be foolish for people in California or Florida to see a Philadelphia, Pa., postmark on letters from MBNA or the DuPont Co? Of course, postmarks are seldom looked upon as a source of state pride – until they’re gone… [W]e must not let Philadelphia steal our postmark.

    A stupid postmark! What a great reason to continue what may be an inefficient operation. If they do close it down, perhaps those 400 USPS workers could get a job at the News-Journal; I hear they need some new editorial staff.

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