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    Charles Weinstein has an unusual signature. He signs his name right to left and upside down (I don’t know why he doesn’t just turn the paper upside down and sign it the normal way). He’s been doing it this way for years. The other day, when he went to get his driver’s license renewed, the DMV bureaucrat objected and wouldn’t issue a new license until he signed it “correctly.” The clerk also wouldn’t return the old license, leaving Weinstein in limbo. The DMV then compounded the problem by losing his license. The ACLU and the state Attorney General then got involved. And a notary public.

    On Wednesday, Weinstein said, he wanted to send a notarized copy of a letter of protest to the DMV, but he couldn’t meet the notary’s requirements.

    He didn’t have a photo ID to prove who he was.

    All’s well that ends well, though. The DMV reversed itself and decided to issue the new license after consulting with licensing officials in 10 other states. So, one little petty bureaucrat involved the DMV hierarchy, the state AG’s office, and 10 other state DMVs. All over a stupid upside-down signature. Your tax dollars at work.


    Comment by
    Charlene Weinstein
    September 21st, 2003
    at 9:25 pm

    Actually, my husband signs from left to right, so he could not “just turn the page upside down” as you suggested.