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    I missed this one. Rep. John Dingell wrote a scathing letter to Ward Connerly demanding that he “[g]o home and stay there, you’re not welcome here.” Just because Connerly is leading a petition drive to place an anti-affirmative action measure on Michigan’s November ballot. Unbelievable! What was Dingell thinking?! Connerly got the better of the fight, though, with his response. Both letters are published here and demand a full read.

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    July 22nd, 2003
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    Connerly vs. Dingell

    WOW. Daryl points out this letter exchange between Ward Connerly and Rep. John Dingell. Some excerpts: DINGELL We reject your “black vs. white” politics that were long ago discarded to the ash heap of history. Your brand of divisive racial…