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    Here’s an article entirely about the socialization issue. As usual, an educrat is quoted:

    “I absolutely believe that children who are home-schooled are shortchanged in socialization. They don’t have the opportunity to have the interaction on a regular basis and a consistent basis that a student who is in school would have,” said Peter Mustich, an educator.

    Homeschoolers are given some space to refute his point. You’d think, though, that, by now, everything that could be written about this would have been already. In fact, I think maybe it has and the newspapers are just recycling the same story over and over.

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    Joanne aka Happy Homeschooler
    July 23rd, 2003
    at 12:39 am

    What an incomplete, scattered, poorly focused article. I emailed them, inviting them to my homeschool. 🙂