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    Terrence Moore of the Ashbrook Center likens 1st graders to raw Marine recruits.

    Young children are in need of such gentle discipline. They come to school as raw recruits. Though irresistibly cute and curious, they are in the strictest sense undisciplined. Their world has largely been the pursuit of their own pleasures with their own toys in their own homes on their own time. They have never been in a room with twenty or more other children. They have never had to sit in one place for long stretches of time. They have never had to walk in a line or for long distances with anyone but a parent. They have never had to get along with so many others. They have never had to keep up with so much stuff: pencils, notebooks, restroom passes, folders, homework, papers of all kinds!

    What planet is Mr. Moore living on? Or, somewhat more accurately, what decade is he living in? The vast majority of kids in 1st grade have been in daycare, some since age 6 weeks. One of the few (if only) advantages daycare kids have over kids who’ve been home with a parent is that they’ve already learned all of these tricks. My lovely wife, who has studied this, assures me that all studies indicate stay-at-home kids catch up quickly and then surpass their daycared-for brethren.

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