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    Kim Swygert caught a good News-Journal article about the DSTP and how it has affected one 3rd grader. Respondng to a principal who claimed that students and adults don’t respond well to the threat of failure, Kim pulls off a great line:

    That’s funny. Most adults I know understand, and respond to, the idea that punishment for bad performance is inherent in every part of our lives, whether we live in the collegiate, graduate, and post-graduate universes. Perhaps if you’re a school principal in Delaware, you face no punishment for slacking off, but the real world demands that you accept punishment if you don’t perform well in your college classes, your job, or your marriage. If you don’t believe this, your professor, your boss, or your spouse’s divorce lawyer will be happy to explain it to you.

    Read the whole thing.


    Comment by
    Traci E.
    July 23rd, 2003
    at 7:49 pm

    WOW after reading all the comments to Kim’s posting I thought maybe some of you might want to look at the test reports & samples for yourselves. Go to DELAWARE DOE doe.st...lt.htm
    for the latest reports

    Then slide over on that page to the honeycomb boxes & click on “sample questions” purple box & take some of the subjects in different grades & see how you would do.

    Remember that the 10th grade questions will decide what your diploma will say when you graduate TWO YEARS later!!!! No matter what your grades are for those years.
    Summer school then is only for kids not passing subjects & costs $300+
    You get a choice of 3 diplomas:

    Basic(I came to school but no matter what my GPA is I’m not passing the standard test),

    Standard (I passed the test even if my GPA was below a 2.0)

    or Distinquished( who cares what my GPA is I’m smarter than anybody in DE).

    Oh & yes if you move to DE in the middle of your SR year from another State you must take the test to earn a state diploma & if you don’t score well you get the plain old BASIC (I showed up at Delaware public school & all I got was this lousy diploma even though I transferred w/ a 4.0) & yes it does happen!!!!

    WHO cares what you do for the next two years you’re a loser in the diploma game unless you choose to retake & retake the test for fun your JR & SR years & score a 3 or better. Then you are busy taking SAT’s which only count for a small portion of your college application process.

    Please note that most DE high school students unless advanced in math already don’t get Geometry until their Junior year. So they are taking the math test before they’ve completed Algebra II.

    High Stakes indeed. You decide

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    bonnie hansen
    February 10th, 2004
    at 4:34 pm

    What kind of diploma do homeschooled children get in Delaware?