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  • With government money come

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    With government money come government strings. This Iowa HS program sounds like a way for the local school district to make money off of HSers.

    “Some people seem to think we make money on home school,” said Chris Van Meter, the district’s chief financial officer, who pointed out that connected administration expenses are difficult to measure.

    Each home-schooled student comes with the standard $4,580 in per-pupil state money. Records show 380 were in the program last year. The Des Moines teachers visit home-school families twice a month and organize such activities as frog dissections, eagle watching and play production. [T]he Home Instruction Program, cost district taxpayers $558,000 last year.

    Let’s see- 380 students x $4580 = $1.74M. Yeah, I’d say the school district is making some money.

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