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    Stephanie H. sent an email about Dennis Prager (about whom “I know noth-ink”):

    Today on the Dennis Prager show, Dennis (who is pro-homeschool) said that one drawback of homeschooling is that all the kids with good values are taken out of the schools, which is why schools are becoming worse places.

    Transcripts aren’t available so I can’t give a direct quote. Perhaps he said this as a joke but, if not, this is just plain dumb.

    G-school teachers have made essentially the same complaint for years; homeschooling takes the “best” parents out of the system. My answer to both Prager and the educrats is the same: Do you really expect us to sacrifice our kids and their education in the name of “fairness” to the g-schools? Not bloody likely.

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    Comment by
    Stephanie Herman
    August 22nd, 2003
    at 10:46 am

    No, he wasn’t making a joke. A mom called in to discuss his topic (should kids be able to negotiate/argue with parents) and she said that because her daughter was always allowed to make her case to her parents, she had developed the ability to make respectful arguments. As a junior in high school, she was given an award in one of her classes for making the best argument in favor of marriage being defined as only between men & women.

    What sparked Dennis’ comment was that 60% of her class believed otherwise, and he was lamenting that there aren’t more kids like this woman’s daughter to make reasoned arguments for good values in the schools. But it’s the only drawback I’ve ever heard him offer regarding homeschooling.