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Maryland educrats are attempting to force a 2nd grader to attend an officially failing school, even though his mother wants hime to transfer under NCLB. The reason? He attended a private school last year (which has since closed). The educrats interpret NCLB literally:

The law says children “enrolled” in underperforming schools may switch to better ones, and Jareaux believes that also applies to kids who simply live in a school’s district, but have not registered in the school.

The Howard school system disagrees, interpreting “enrolled” to mean that a pupil must attend a failing school to transfer from it. So Jareaux’s son, who went to a private school in Washington last year, does not qualify.

Insanity. The mother is frustrated to the breaking point:

“What are those who move into the district supposed to do?” asked an exasperated Jareaux, “Send our kids to a bad school for a year first? I’m not willing to take that risk.”

…”I’m terrified and petrified of him going there. In my mind it’s not an option,” Jareaux said. “If I have to use my home equity line to pay my bills for the next couple of months so I can home-school him, that’s what I’ll do.”

She followed the rules. She registered him in June, prior to the school being declared a federal disaster area. The educrats should be ashamed.

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