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    A Gallup poll about K-12 education reports that 3% of Americans with school-age kids will homeschool this year. The margin of error for the poll is 3%. So, conceivably, Lydia and I may be the only homeschoolers in the whole country. What happened to the rest of y’all?

    Actually, the 3% number seems a bit high. I’ve seen closer to 1.5% quoted all over the place.

    Another interesting factoid from the poll: Americans think public education overall is pretty poor but their schools are doing fine. This result isn’t surprising, at all. Most parents feel they have no choice but to send their kids to the g-schools. Rating them lousy would only set up a little cognitive dissonance and might force them to do something. Much easier to give their local school a good grade and call it quits. Congress benefits from the same phenomenon. The public thinks politicians are corrupt but continues to re-elect the same people over and over.

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