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    Here’s a follow-up to a story about some young ladies who were strip-searched at the g-school. A teacher had $55 stolen and the school basically accused 10 girls of being the thief. The money was not found. The interesting part- the school originally denied that the girls had been strip-searched.

    “They were searched by a female nurse. They were patted down. Their pockets were emptied. They held out exterior articles of clothing to shake out … so if there was something stuck in the clothing, it would fall out. Never were they asked to remove their clothes,” the paper quoted Winston as saying.

    Not true. They have now admitted that they did indeed strip-search them.

    “The school administration regrets giving a false impression that the incident either did not happen or was blown out of proportion,” the district conceded in its statement.

    False impression? Where I’m from, that’s called lying. Good thing he wasn’t testifying in court. Justice Moore could have thrown that 5,280 pound monument at him.

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