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    The self-described “eTruth” has a pretty ugly article up about private schools in Indiana. Homeschooling is referred to as the “other private school.” There’s a brief section on an unschooling family and then the remainder is 100% negative:

    Sue Walsh, a Pinewood Elementary School teacher, said most homeschool settings probably produce successful students like Neff’s but that she’s seen parents use the homeschooling label when they’re really not doing anything at home.

    “Because there is no regulation in Indiana on homeschooling, I’ve seen experiences where parents get mad at the teacher and pull them out, saying they’re homeschooling,” she said. “Then that wears down, and they bring them back, and it’s clear all they’ve been doing is watching TV.”

    It’s not the norm, she said, but it does happen.

    Walsh wonders about the perhaps hundreds of children in Elkhart County who are unaccounted for, whose parents might say they’re homeschooling them but really aren’t doing anything educational.

    “Somehow these parents need to be followed up on,” she said. “We are holding schools over-accountable and homeschools under-accountable

    “We are missing out on these children; we are failing these children. The answer, of course, is to test them all,” she said.

    The penultimate paragraph is a classic. G-schools have been getting away with wasting hundreds of billions of tax dollars for decades. Now, they’re being required to show some results and this whiney educrat complains that they’re over-accountable. That’s rich. And how many tax dollars do homeschoolers waste each year?

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