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Here are two good reasons to abandon homeschooling and enroll your kids in a g-virtual school:

“What I liked most was, I didn’t have to pay — and I didn’t have to do lesson planning or grading. The school does it for you and saves hours of work, ” said Debbie Dueck, who homeschools her three older sons through a Christian program. One son, 12-year-old Stephen, will join Nathan in cyber class this fall, as grades 6 and 7 have been added.

< sarcasm >I wish we had one of these in Delaware.< /sarcasm >


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September 1st, 2003
at 7:16 pm

I hope the “what I liked most” part was thoughtlessly worded. I’d hate to think that anyone made such important decisions for their kids based primarily on what cost least and was the least trouble. If she really thought that way, surely she’d never have homeschooled; it’s easier and cheaper to toss ’em on the school bus in the morning.