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    The reporter in this NYT piece on telemarketers and the “Do Not Call” Registry seems to have a “thing” against them:

    “What I’m doing is a valuable service,” she said. “I’m telling people what their options are in life.” Lately, she has been telling them they have the option to pay $9.99 a month for an identity-theft protection service.

    Some people in the industry, though, deserve what they get:

    Mr. Selfe’s employees are trained to start each conversation with the question: “Do you have a crack or chip?” If the answer is no, they call back three months later and ask again.

    With the do-not-call list limiting the number of potential customers, Mr. Selfe said his telemarketers would have to call more frequently to those still open to solicitations. “Instead of calling every three months,” he said, “we may call every month.”

    Death spiral, for sure.

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