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    This is so far out there that it’s almost funny. Almost.

    Virtually every single adult human being alive today, born into & raised up within a “civilized” society, was intellectually raped during their childhood. And more often than not, the intellectual/mental tortures they were subjected to, have had an even greater, more profound impact upon their lives than the physical/sexual torture that most of them also endured. Insane lies and mythology, very often based upon perverse hypocrisy, such as the god myth, are mandated by society itself as “required teaching” for children. All lies and myths warp the minds of children, destroy the natural, instinctual sanity and rational thinking ability that all children are born with. In adulthood, these tortured, mentally ill, brainwashed victim-creations of society are determined to infect the minds of their own helpless child-slaves, just as brutally as their own minds were infected during their childhoods.

    …What other Parental Rights do you slaveowners enjoy? The list of brutalities is literally endless. You are given the right, in a majority of societies, to murder your children as they sit helpless, trapped within your wombs. You are given the right to kill your children by telling doctors that you want life-support systems for your sick child, shut off. You are given the right to deny your children medical care, by claiming to be fervent believer in certain Insane God Myth doctrines. You are given the right to keep your children as slaves even if they hate you and want nothing to do with you. You are given the right to impose the thousands of insane beliefs, myths, false rationalizations that you base your lives upon, onto the helpless, vulnerable, undeveloped minds of your children. You are given the right to lie to your children, to deceive them, to bribe them, to intimidate them. You are given the right to destroy the instinctual self-love and self-value that every child is born possessing. You are given the right to infect your child’s minds with your own insane, diseased, untrue, and invalid personal beliefs and ideologies. You are given the right to rob your child of all Natural Instinct, and infect your child with all unnatural, artificial, irrational and insane societal doctrine. You are given the right to deprive your children of a proper education, by “home-schooling” them.

    So, homeschooling is akin to abortion? It’s really long and I couldn’t force myself to read the whole thing.

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    Joanne aka Happy HSer
    September 24th, 2003
    at 8:43 pm

    Excuse me, Daryl. I must go barf and take a shower. That was one of the most evil things I’ve read in a very, very long time.

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    September 25th, 2003
    at 10:41 am


    Now, I’m pretty far out there, being a Quaker atheist, a vegetarian, an anarcho-capitalist libertarian, a children’s rights activist, anti-spanking, and pro-homeschooling, but this jerk is downright crazy. Worse than crazy. He (for convenience, the male pronoun) makes a postmodernist sound like an elementary school math textbook writer (but I repeat myself, lol).

    Anyway. I got a headache reading the original article, and don’t recommend it to anyone else, and commend friend Daryl for his courage.

    The irresponsible ranter’s first error is in assuming that anyone is “given the right” by the state to do anything. Rights are things you have whether you’re allowed to exercise them or not, and if you don’t have the right to do something, doing that thing violates someone else’s rights by definition. That’s why the Founders described human rights as “inalienable;” as things that you inherently possess and that cannot be taken away, only infringed upon. With me so far?

    All the so-called “brutalities” contained within the rant, to the extent that they are violations of the rights of children, are not rights possessed by parents. It may be perfectly legal in some jurisdictions, such as the one I live in, to allow a stranger to physically abuse your child on your behalf (so long as the stranger is a school functionary), but that does not make it a right.

    It is also illegal in some jurisdictions to give your child a large amount of money without reporting the act to the government and paying the statutorily dictated taxes. I hold that this act, though illegal, is your right to perform. (I could justify this through an appeal to free-market economics and the philosophy of liberty, but this post is already too long and I’m taking a class in the subject.)

    Another objection I could raise is that calling a tail a leg doesn’t give a dog five legs, as we say in Texas. Calling your children slaves, for instance, doesn’t make them slaves, whether they are presumed to be your property or the government’s.

    I could go on for miles. But it suddenly occurred to me that I am taking this crazy bastard’s streetcorner lecture too seriously. Don’t make the same mistake. I’m going to have a cup of what passes for coffee around here to get the taste out of my mouth.

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    September 25th, 2003
    at 1:08 pm

    I’ll have some prune juice.