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    This “diversity” camp sounds so treacly that it could cause a case of instant diabetes. (Paging John Banzhaf )

    Campers were uplifted with touchy-feely activities including group hugs and a campfire capped off with four verses of “Kumbaya.”

    And organizers frequently shouted for “rainbows” — the command to scramble around the room until everyone was sitting next to someone of a different race, religion or gender — and “two ups” — the reminder that every critical comment must be countered with two positive remarks.

    …In [another] exercise, students lined up shoulder to shoulder. An adult asked questions: Were your ancestors brought to the United States as slaves or indentured servants? Did you ever have to skip a meal because you did not have enough money?

    Indicators of privilege — being white or never going hungry — allowed students to step forward. Students of color or those who lacked bare necessities stepped back.

    Hey! While I was in grad school, I lived on air-popped popcorn for a whole month. Does that make me especially “noble” or “underprivileged?”

    School districts pay $165 per student for this nonsense. (link via Izzy)

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    September 26th, 2003
    at 9:54 am

    Oh my gosh. Where to start.

    “They scoured their brains for every stereotype they knew about African-Americans, Middle Easterners, Latinos, Asian-Americans, whites, gays, lesbians and bisexuals” becomes “prejudices some of the students didn’t even know they had.” If you aren’t aware of the stereotypes, you risk being labeled a racist because of some entirely innocent comment that happened to include a buzzword. So you have to know about the stereotypes for that not to happen, but if you know about them, then you have prejudices. We can’t win. (I suspect that’s what this is all about, actually.)

    “Program supporters — from teachers to police officers — credit the camp with everything from raising students’ grades to reducing school violence.” That’s easy to say. How about some statistics.

    “An adult asked questions: Were your ancestors brought to the United States as slaves or indentured servants? Did you ever have to skip a meal because you did not have enough money?” First of all, we don’t all know how our ancestors came here. Some of mine probably were Scotch-Irish who left Ireland because of the potato famine. Does that count? Who cares? As far as skipping a meal – some people might skip a meal because they actually had some food, it wasn’t what they felt like eating, and they didn’t have the money in their pocket to go out and get a hamburger. Does that count? Who cares? Some folks get out and scratch to make sure that no matter what, their kids eat. This is something to be ashamed of?

    “But the fact that Igor is a Jew who emigrated from the former Soviet Union — and thus faced poverty and prejudice — held him back in the exercise.” Igor didn’t realize he was held back until this exercise occured. What a useful revelation.

    “Former San Jose Police Chief Bill Lansdowne is a believer in the camp’s lessons….’It gives them the idea that who they are is important, not which group they belong to,’ Lansdowne said.” This may be the most asinine statement in the whole article.

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    September 26th, 2003
    at 12:43 pm

    It may be my white ingorance but I always thought that the purpose of diversity training was to put the emphasis on “what we have in common as human beings, we love, have families, have dreams, feelings & thoughts etc…”

    & that our “differences…skin color, sex, income, etc….” are minor & should be less emphasized as a way of bringing understanding & togetherness to a group.

    It seems to me that all this group did was point out how many more ways you can divide people than unite them….

    They should under truth in labeling change the name from DIVERSITY TRAINING (from DIVERSE-meaning having different qualities & forms)


    what this class really is DEVICITY or DEVISITY TRAINING (choose your spelling from DEVICE-meaning a scheme to deceive or divide or DEVISE-meaning to form in the mind, to plot.)

    check your websters for more info. Maybe the schools should go back to what they should be doing–That is teaching vocabulary & spelling so these misunderstandings of words don’t continue to happen. But that’s my two cents for the day.
    Opps, I apologize for having two cents in my pocket today…. I’ll mail my lunch to someone in need to make up for it…..Opps, I have a lunch….oh no help…..this is going to be a long day……

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 3:43 pm

    “Divisity.” Good meme, that.