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    The Wilmington News-Journal today comes out in favor of the Do Not Call list. Hah! Around our home, the N-J is one of the worst telemarketing offenders. We get at least one call a month. (And, no, I’m still not interested in subscribing).

    Here’s the Letter to the Editor I sent them. Guaranteed it never sees the light of day.

    I noted with great mirth your recent editorial in favor of the national Do Not Call list. (9-27-2003) Since the Direct Marketing Association is asking its members to honor the list while the case is in the courts, does that mean that the News-Journal will cease calling me attemtpting to sell a subscription? My number is on the list.

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 8:01 am

    We got an unlisted number some time ago. I’d like for people to be able to find us in the phone book, but it’s not worth it. When the ratio of calls from telemarketers to calls from people we cared about reached about 10:1 we pulled the plug. It’s so quiet in the house now – we love it. (Of course our teenager gets calls from her friends all evening, but that’s different. She wants those.)

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    September 27th, 2003
    at 8:56 am

    In addition to our landline, we have two cell phones. We have never gotten a single call on either cell. If the DNC list is not implemented, I’m just going to disconnect our landline.

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 12:03 pm

    It’s been illegal for years to telemarket to cell phones. If I didn’t need my DSL connection I’d disconnect the land line in a heartbeat.

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 12:35 pm

    We used to have a bad telemarketing problem but now we’ve solved it using existing laws. Our standard line to people that call is always

    “I’m sorry but this household does not accept offers that are solictated by phone. If you have our current address & can send out by mail a copy of your offer in writing that requires no further obligation from us please do so. If not please remove us from your call list as this is a private number Thank you”

    If their response is that they don’t have our current address My response is:

    “I’m sorry but we do not release personal information to any business inquiring by phone. Please then remove our number from your call list. Thank you”

    By law if you ask they must remove you from their call list w/in 90 days Otherwise if you documented they’ve continued to call you the company can be fined per call under current laws. It can be a real big deal if a formal complaint is lodged w/ your state. It’s your state that can collect the fines & the $ goes to their treasury.

    In DE it’s legal to record a phone conversation w/out the other’s knowledge… That doesn’t apply to all states..
    However in other states most telemarketing companies have monitors that listen in on their workers cold calls to make sure they are following their scripts. Companies must keep logs & recordings of these calls. Because if the worker isn’t following script they are often fired.

    All you need to do is mark a calendar with time & day called of a company that you requested not call you & then the manager of that company is personally held responsible for continued calls if their records have you on tape requesting not to be called…& the manager Knows he can be fired SLAM DUNK.

    Knowing the legal lingo helps. Getting angry & shouting will most likely get your number passed through several workers as an annoyance payback till you request to speak w/ a manager personally & then let him know you’ve documented their now harassing calls… several times a day for a few days & that you will press charges if your number is not removed ASAP…
    That works big time!!!!

    Telemarketers often work by commission so they often log who & when they’ve called to get credit for their own sales or meet a prize goal for number of calls etc……So they don’t like to risk you calling their bluff…they your records match theirs….time/day

    It did take 6 months but now most calls have completely stopped & we’ve been mostly call free for years.

    Calls from pollsters & political campaigns & charities are exempt from Fed Do not call lists….. So even if DO NOT CALL Does fly don’t expect total peace until….

    Again I suggest the following response to them it also helps them to remove your number voluntarily as it saves them time & effort not to call you.

    “I’m sorry this household does not give out personal information by phone…. (yes that does include things like who are we voting for… what movies we watch &… our family income..etc…whatever their asking about…)
    please remove our private number from your list to save you the bother of continued calls thank you.”

    & for charities:

    “I’m sorry we do not give to charities that request donations by phone. If you have our current address please send us written information about your cause. In order to save you time & effort please remove our private number from your call list…. Thank you” & if they don’t have your address….. you now know the next line I’m sorry but…..”

    Yes it takes a wee bit of effort & practice I started by keeping a written script response by the phone So dear hubby & kids also had the correct answer too.

    Telemarketers are also mostly regular people trying to earn a living & most likely hate their dead end jobs. They often accept a courteous professional Negative reply & remove our number.

    In some states they are prisoners(yes it’s true they also answer catalogue calls for companies during the holiday season) & I don’t want them PO’ed if they have my name, phone & address.

    Plus I try & reap the good Karma by being kind to those that bug the crap out of me..most of the time…


    Another tip is to contact your credit card suppliers & companies that you regularly mailorder from & request that they don’t release your private number to other companies for telemarketing purposes. It Works..

    We now have peaceful meals uninterrupted by people we don’t know mispronouncing our last name.

    Peace & good luck to you!!!!

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 1:18 pm

    Traci, you have more patience than I do. I don’t want strangers calling me at home, period, be they charity, political, or whatever.

    The problem with disconnecting the land line is that sometimes the cells go down. We had a terrific windstorm in July that knocked down trees and took out power all over the city. Of course in a situation like that you might really need to use your telephone to get in touch with family members. All the different cell providers had spotty coverage or no coverage at all that day but most people’s land lines still worked, for some reason.

    We did stop the long distance on our land line. We have free long distance on the cell phones, and we can get a phone card if we need to.