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    A St. Louis-area school district has decided not to allow the Gideons to pass out New Testaments inside the schools. I’m surprised that they’ve been inside the schools all along. When I was in the Gideons, the procedure was to hand them out to kids on the sidewalk after school. Going inside was verboten.

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 9:42 pm

    I especially like this bit…

    “Sam Chaltain, coordinator of the First Amendment Schools Project at the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center in Arlington, Va., said the key to distribution of materials on any school campus is fairness. If one group is allowed to pass out materials, other groups should receive the same privilege, he said.”

    He’s right!
    Letting the Gideons hand out Bibles just opens the door to letting Wiccans, Mormons, Vegetarians, Pacifists and goodness knows who else (like, say, Canadians? ;-)) hand out books and pamphlets extoling the virtues of their way of life.
    It’d be chaos! (But very, very, entertaining, I think.)
    Just wait ’till the Neo-Nazis decide to start exercising their freedom of speech in the school.
    Personally, having a child in public school myself, I’m just appalled at the idea of strange adults wandering the halls during school hours regardless of what they want to hand out to the kids. In my dd’s school, they lock the side doors and make everyone entering the building sign in and out. There are also giant chain link fences around the playgrounds. The last thing they want is a repeat of what happened to another school in my area a little over a decade ago, when a man walked into the school un-noticed and hid in the girls bathroom to accost any little girls who wandered in. He first assaulted a 6yo who was too afraid to say anything (she just went back to class after), and then tried to assault a 7yo who wasn’t, thank goodness.
    They don’t even let kids go to the bathroom alone in our schools anymore.

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    September 27th, 2003
    at 11:23 pm

    We vegetarians don’t need to hand out propaganda in schools. The school lunch programs do our work for us. Muahahahaha.

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    Miss Shyla
    December 18th, 2003
    at 7:29 am

    Bibles should be allowed in schools . Without forcing upon “religious thoughts”, the Bible is actually a historical document. For many years a second thought was not even given to the fact that Bibles were allowed as well as used in schools and many cirriculums. What next? Remove all history books from schools? Many things can be argued but few can be justified.

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    April 22nd, 2004
    at 2:27 pm

    i was woundering if anyone could tell me if any of the bible is in school?and can you bring a bible to school? i would like to know all the info info about bibles in schools that i can thanks!because if it is not in school it should be the bible is the only book that teaches ,english,sciens.history, heath, in one it is the best tool to live by .