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    The New York Times weighs in on the inside blogball SacBee story. The main point of the article is that reporters who blog can (and must) maintain objectivity and can’t take sides.

    Ken Sands, the managing editor of online and new media at The Spokesman-Review, said that none of the 10 blogs on the newspaper’s Web site were edited before posting and that he could not recall anyone ever asking a reporter to significantly change content after a posting had been made. Part of the reason his bloggers need no editing, he said, is that most have 10 to 25 years of reporting experience and apply the tenets of good journalism to their Web logs.

    One of those reporters is Carla K. Johnson who covers health and medical research for The Spokesman-Review and who writes a blog on topics like “How to avoid a C-section” and “Playing politics with Rx drug costs.” Having long been a journalist, Ms. Johnson says she has fun with the more personal style the blog affords, but is careful to rein in her opinions.

    What’s the point, then? You might as well read a newspaper. Blogs (and blogging) are interesting precisely because the blogger gets to express an opinion. I know I’d quit if I had to “rein in [my] opinions.” Shoot, even the title of this post would have to be different.

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    September 29th, 2003
    at 12:57 pm

    I agree w/ you Daryl, I always thought of blogs more as editorials than reporting. You also give a backround of where your viewpoint is coming from Libertatian. Thus allowing the rest of us to engage in a cyber conversation on the topics of the day.

    Even everyday newpapers have bias in their reporting how can they not?.. they choose what to print from hundreds of stories & yes just that facts that are included or not included can change the story.

    I’ve been at political events where the paper had a story about the 4 protesters at a rally that included a picture of them w/ a SMALL part of the crowd & it looked like theses bozos were major players.

    However, I was there & they didn’t show or report the other thousand of us or our rally’s talking points. Most of the people that attended didn’t even know the protesters were there unless they were in that corner of the parking lot. The crowd obscured them.

    I alway try to read several different papers or watch several news channels & then In my head I take what’s the common facts to all as the truth to what really happened.

    Look to our media now everyday they report one or two soliders or people each day dying in Iraq. which yes is awful.. every life is precious….
    But now as the final numbers of the dead from France’s heat wave are coming in at 15,000 there’s very little said about it here in this country… If 15,000 people died here in America you’d bet someone would be screaming about it….& asking for our leaders to step down.