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From the Arizona Republic:

CBS report blasted

Freshman Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks was one of 33 House members who signed a letter last week saying they were “deeply offended” by a CBS Evening News segment that aired Oct. 13 that focused on a murder-suicide involving a family that was educating children at home.

Their letter to Andrew Heyward, CBS’ president of news, criticizes the “Eye on America” segment as implying the rural North Carolina tragedy was evidence of a dark side of home schooling, justifying further government regulation of home education.

“The tenuous connection between this 2-year-old tragedy involving a single family, which happened to home-school, and millions of law-abiding mothers and fathers who successfully and safety educate their children at home is absurd,” the letter states.

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October 30th, 2003
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Here’s a link to the letter:

Letter from Congress to CBS (.pdf)