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    I found this one a while back through a blog long forgotten. The Astronomy Picture of the Day is a very nice site which is, as you might guess, a single photo every day. There’s always a paragraph beneath the shot explaining the picture with lots of links to more info. Many of the photos are quite topical; yesterday’s shot was of the aurora observed over Colorado due to the large solar flare on Wednesday. An excellent 5 minute excursion into the heavens.

    Here’s today’s:

    BTW, a lot of the pictures make excellent backgrounds for Windows machines.

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    Comment by
    Ed Hurst
    November 1st, 2003
    at 10:48 pm

    A lot of good photos make excellent backgrounds on Linux and Unix machines, too. BTW, I’m a former g-school teacher who left for the real world. Home schooling is the only way.