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    The New York Times has issued (on the Editorial page) a call for increased regulation of homeschooling in states with “lax regulation.” Even worse:

    While parents have a right to decide how their children will be educated, the state most certainly has an obligation to ensure that every American child is learning basic skills. The schooling laws fly in the face of compulsory education statutes that have been on the books throughout this country since the early 20th century, not to mention the new national push to raise standards and improve student achievement.

    The state certainly does NOT have that obligation, nor the power. The state can compel attendance, not education. Otherwise, private schools could not exist. That issue was settled by Pierce v Society of Sisters (1925).

    This hands-off approach is especially problematic for disabled children, who are particularly vulnerable to neglect. The federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act requires the states to seek out disabled children to ensure that they get the services and education they need. Under the act, the children in New Jersey were clearly entitled to help. The shock over this case will cause New Jersey to revisit its home-schooling law. States with similar laws should do the same.

    Anyone homeschooling a “special needs” kid should keep their eyes open. < /rant>

    OK, I’m feeling better now. Homeschooling is not in any particular danger, despite the NYT’s call. Any new regulations will have to come through the states and we know how to fight those battles. If you’re not already involved in your state-wide inclusive organization, get involved (in Delaware that’s DHEA; in NJ, NJHA). Be prepared to contact your legislators or even to visit if necessary. It makes for a great civics lesson for all those kids we’re abusing and leaving ignorant.

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