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    Diana at Beyond the Whispers doesn’t like the new Tenn. HOPE scholarships at all, particularly the discrimination against homeschoolers. Let’s hope the legislators fix this in January, as promised.

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    Comment by
    Tim Haas
    November 23rd, 2003
    at 8:01 am

    One must be careful how legislatures fix these things, though. There’s a bill in Jersey that is meant to open HOPEs to “homeschooled” students — but “homeschooled” isn’t defined in New Jersey law. So, this one piece of legislation could lead to a broader one that precisely defines homeschooled — something we do not want.

    Now, there is a simple fix, which is to echo the statutory language we already have, opening the scholarships to students educated “elsewhere than at school.”

    Comment by
    Daryl Cobranchi
    November 23rd, 2003
    at 8:08 am

    Good point and precisely the reason that I’m opposed to HR2732.