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    …for this generic homeschooling in MA article. One quote worth, er, quoting:

    A far cry from the more intrusive oversight of past years, home-schooling parents in districts like Franklin must only submit an education plan, which is reviewed and approved by administrators.

    The plan, usually only a few pages, is “really just an outline,” said Nancy Sprague, director of instructional services, and is often approved in a day or two.

    Students submit progress reports at the end of the year, which may take the form of a letter, test results or even portfolios showing student work over the year.

    And this is the “relaxed” law. I can’t imagine how awful the previous version was.

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    November 23rd, 2003
    at 12:24 pm

    I don’t homeschool but the hypocrisy of the regulations for homeschoolers is what gets me. I went to a presentation by a state legislator a few years ago and he was advocating yearly testing of all homeschooled students to make sure they are making acceptable progress. Anyone child not making acceptable progress would have to go back into the public school system. During the question and answer period I said that I am all for testing the homeschooled kids every year, but the public school students should be tested as well and if the kids are not making acceptable progress the teachers of the grades should be fired and the administrators should be replaced. It was interesting watching him try to explain that the standardized tests are not reliable enough to be used for evaluation of public school kids and that each child learns at their own pace so it would not be fair to hold the schools responsible for educating the children they are paid to educate.

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    Daryl Cobranchi
    November 23rd, 2003
    at 1:07 pm

    Nice proposal. I’d extend it slightly: If the g-school kids don’t make AYP, after firing the schools, the kids HAVE to be homeschooled.