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    Received via email:

    The bill known last session as A4033 has been reintroduced as A1918. The bill text is not yet available online, but most likely it is exactly the same.

    As I and the other group leaders mentioned below receive and confirm more information, we will send out updates with suggestions for individual action. The key thing to remember is that this is not the same kind of last-minute crisis as A4033 was. This is the time for reasoned opposition and ongoing personal lobbying.

    We do not seek compromise, and we will accept nothing less than the total defeat of this legislative travesty. Whatever your family’s methods and beliefs, please prepare to join the fight with, and for, all New Jersey homeschoolers.

    Tim Haas
    New Jersey Homeschool Association

    Kill this POS!

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    February 17th, 2004
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    what can I do