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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a list of some of the reasons why lost their jobs and/or licenses. A sampling:

Dennis Wilson, 55, a math teacher in Pittsburgh Public Schools, license revoked after his conviction for delivery of a controlled substance.

Stephen J. Burda, 43, a science teacher at Butler Area Junior High School in Butler County, did not lose his license but received a public reprimand after pleading guilty of driving under the influence of heroin. He lost his job at the junior high school in June 2002 for that offense.

Nancy L. Mogle, also known as Nancy L. Erwin, 51, a math teacher at Marion Center Area School District, Indiana County; license revoked after conviction for complicity to aggravated assault. In June 2002, Mogle, who earlier had lost her teaching job in the district, had accompanied her husband to the district administration office where he shot a secretary.

Unfortunately, there are many more.

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Comment by
January 28th, 2004
at 6:45 am

They are a tiny fraction of public school teachers. Would it be fair to condemn homeschooling because of the actions of a few homeschoolers?

Comment by
Daryl Cobranchi
January 28th, 2004
at 6:53 am

Could you guarantee that my kids wouldn’t get one of these wackos? Didn’t think so.