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Well, that was easy enough. Just hours after deciding that I couldn’t stand any more small government Republican rule, I’ve decided on a Democratic candidate. Joe Lieberman came out today to the kids being socialized at the Bowlerama in New Castle. Here he is signing autographs for the kids. That’s Chelsea in the red sweatshirt and Kendall Smythe in Kentucky blue.


He asked Chelsea if she likes bowling and promised that if he wins she can come bowl in the alley in the White House basement. Heck, for an opportunity like that, I’d vote for him twice.

Of course, since I’m a registered Independent, I can’t vote in the Delaware primary.

7 Responses to “I’M SUCH A SLUT”

Comment by
Tim Haas
January 30th, 2004
at 5:17 pm

Believe it or not, I’m still a registered Dem. If his campaign survives till Jersey, I’ll vote for him for you. He’s the only one I can stand, anyway.

Comment by
Judy Aron
January 30th, 2004
at 6:26 pm

I am soooo angry at him…. He has missed 85% of the senate votes in order to pursue this presidential race. CT residents have been screwed out of representation because of the neglect of his office. If you were to show up to work as often as he does you would be fired. If he had any sense of responsibility to his office he would have not run for senate in the first place (he ran for VP while he also ran for senate office!) and he would have at least given up his seat in the senate so someone else can represent his constituents. As a CT voter and someone of the Jewish faith I would not support this man at all! People here are so mad at him I doubt he will carry his own state. He used to have integrity – it was his hallmark… the lure of national office has tarnished his reputation.

Comment by
January 30th, 2004
at 6:40 pm

I just took this not so little quiz. presid...h.com/

It matched me to Kucinich with Dean running a close second.

Comment by
January 30th, 2004
at 7:15 pm

Lieberman’s the only Democrat I can stand. I’m often disappointed, though, that he makes bold, independent statements and then backpedals when they don’t get universal approval.

Comment by
January 30th, 2004
at 7:17 pm

I’ve voted Libertarian in the last couple of elections, but given their stance on the war, I can’t do that this time. Liberman is the only democrat in the race I would even consider voting for, but I can’t see anyway that I will have a chance.

Judy, if you look closely, I’ll bet you’ll find that there was no chance of his vote mattering in any of the votes he missed. The democratic leadership would have reeled him back to DC if they needed his vote for something. Gephardt did the same thing. it shouldn’t happen, but it is SOP for sitting legislators that are running for President.

Comment by
January 31st, 2004
at 2:06 pm

I took Andrea’s quiz, too. I’m not sure how accurate it is, though. It matched me 100% with Al Sharpton.

Comment by
Eric Holcombe
February 2nd, 2004
at 11:54 am

Well, the whole “independent” charade is OVER….. ;o)