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    An 18-year-old graduated from NJIT with a 3.996 GPA and was named valedictorian. She must be one of those star kids. She was homeschooled, of course.

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    Judy Aron
    January 31st, 2004
    at 9:39 am

    From CT…..Deborah Stevenson – founder of NHELD (National Home Education Legal Defense) has two daughters that also graduated early: mkosio...7.html
    May 22, 2003
    Fifteen Year Old Earns College Degree
    Fifteen-year-old, Cassandra Stevenson graduated with her class from Western Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in justice and law on May 18. Cassandra, a native of Roxbury, CT, was homeschooled by her mother until she was ten years old. She then enrolled in the college at age eleven and completed her degree in the normal four years.

    Although illness kept her out of school for eight weeks, Cassandra was determined to graduate college at 15 and made up all the time she missed by taking a load of 28 credits in her final semester of school–nearly an entire academic year’s worth of credits.

    Cassandra said the final two weeks of the school year were terrible for her, as she was swamped with school work. She intends to take a full year off now and catch up on “normal” things: dancing, music, and horse riding. Then she hopes to go to Quinnipiac Law School.

    In addition to finishing school so early, she made the dean’s list several times and was awarded four prestigious scholarships at the school. She also is a member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society, Iota Alpha.
    Her older sister, Samantha,at age 20, holds both a Bachelor of Science in Math and Astronomy from Western Connecticut, and also a Master’s degree in Astrophysics from Wesleyan University, and is currently working at both the Boston Museum of Science, operating the planetarium show, and at the Center For Astrophysics at Harvard as a data specialist for the Director of the Chandra X-Ray Telescope

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    Eric Holcombe
    February 2nd, 2004
    at 11:30 am

    I liked the reason for a non-perfect GPA:

    “The B+ came in physics, one of the first classes she took as a 14-year-old. Though Solt’s classwork and exams were worthy of an A, the professor marked her down a grade for missing three classes to take a family trip to Mexico to visit her grandparents.”

    Damn, that’s gotta leave a mark on the “professional educator’s” ego. Just think what she could have done if her parents had been “certified”. ;o)